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About Us

Who are we?

Samaritan is a joint initiative between Carican Financial Services, Pivotal and Palesa Capital.

Carican Financial Services

Devmark is a key investor in Carican Financial Services and has an extensive track record in the development of niche commercial and residential projects. Carican Financial Services brings the necessary property development and property management expertise to Samaritan to facilitate its relationships with developers of the facilities it manages


Pivotal Healthcare is a subsidiary of Pivotal Group which offers a suite of ICT services and technology enabled building management services. Pivotal Healthcare was formed to specialise in the deployment of the group competencies at medical facilities. The team has extensive experience in designing, commissioning and running acute private hospitals, and are now part of the Samaritan executive

Palesa Capital

Palesa Capital brings extensive leadership experience in the health sector and also in the development and management of large corporate organisations. It has access to a compelling source of young talent through its strong affiliation with Unleashing Leadership Potential which develops the leadership potential of young professionals and entrepreneurs from historically disadvantaged communities

What we do

In partnership with medical practitioners, medical schemes and developers, Samaritan harnesses the benefits of the latest medical, administration and building technologies to facilitate the cost-effective provision of facility based medical services at the most appropriate level of care to patients from underserved communities in high economic growth areas.

This means we

  • Focus on high growth underserved areas

    where developers have secured transitional, re-settlement, precinct rejuvenation and retirement projects

  • Assist developers to design and commission fit-for-purpose acute, sub-acute, day clinic and assisted living medical facilities

    complement the surrounding private, NGO, public health and retired living systems, rather than cause further duplication, cost escalation and fragmentation;
    address the underserviced needs of expanding communities at the most appropriate level of care in a manner that also provides for the use of preventive, primary and assisted care, if not already available.

  • Encourage the use of the latest building technologies and facility designs,

    that will integrate with SMART ICT, green and other resource optimising solutions;

  • Leverage telemedicine, artificial intelligence, electronic patient records, wearable technologies and other technological innovations in real time at the point of care, to:

    improve response times; and
    enhance diagnostics;
    access scarce multi-disciplinary medical knowledge and skills, and
    benefit clinical decision making;
    improve medical, lifestyle and financial outcomes.

  • Will be at the forefront of administrative innovation,

    to usher in alternative reimbursement arrangements in partnership with professional practitioners, medical schemes and National Health Insurance initiatives.

Interested to get involved?

We’re here to speak to potential partners and investors.