• has a pipeline of over 30 projects (1800 beds)

  • will commission 11 projects in the next two years.

  • will be commissioning 3 projects in the first half of 2020


Who are we

Samaritan designs, commissions and manages:

  • hospitals 
  • day clinics 
  • step-down facilities 
  • assisted living facilities
  • frail care and dementia care facilities

In South Africa, Samaritan:

  • has a pipeline of over 30 projects (1800 beds)
  • will commission 11 projects in the next two years
  • 3 projects will be commissioned in the first half of 2020

Samaritan has partnered with developers and investors and is currently forging long term relationships with:

  • Doctors and other medical practitioners
  • Medical schemes
  • Equipment suppliers

What we believe

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can enable innovation that leads to improved response times, diagnostics, access to patient information, resource management and patient outcomes

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with doctors, medical schemes and developers will lead to the creation of fit-for-purpose medical facilities in underserved areas

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doctors to work together in teams (team based medicine, faculty medicine) with real time access to patient and diagnostic information at the point of care leads to better patient outcomes

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Treatment at the most appropriate level of care

provides patients with the best medical and financial outcomes

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Regulatory compliance and ethical business practice

leads to safe, effective and trusted service to communities and stakeholders

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Skills transfer and mentorship at care delivery, management and leadership

leads to sustainable service delivery and business practice

Samaritan Medical


  • Samaritan has connected with developers to secure a pipeline of acute, day clinic, stepdown and assisted living facilities (1800 beds) for roll out over the next 5 to 10 years.
  • Samaritan will design, commission and manage these facilities.
  • The map shows where the facilities are (or will be) located.
  • The 7 facilities (249 beds) shown on the map in orange will be commissioned in the next 24 months. 4 of these facilities are already built.

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Medical Practitioners

Samaritan intends to attract leading medical, dental, nursing and allied professional practitioners to serve patients at its facilities.

This is because Samaritan offers its medical team the following:

1. An opportunity to invest in a medical facility

  • There is an attractive investment opportunity for medical doctors, dentists and other professional practitioners working at Samaritan facilities. The investment offers a significant upfront tax concession, and on-going benefits of ownership.

2. Support services

Samaritan consults with medical practitioners, medical schemes and suppliers of information technology and medical equipment, to provide “fit-for-purpose” facilities that support clinical teams innovatively with:

  • Resourced nursing and administrative staff;
  • Efficient patient scheduling, admission, inpatient and discharge management;
  • Facilities equipped with telemedicine, video conferencing and access to electronic patient information to improve collaborative diagnostics and decision making;
  • The required medicines and consumables;
  • Effective engagement of medical schemes to minimize patient inconvenience and risk of uncovered (uninsured) services;
  • Emergency and casualty support services, appropriate for the type of medical or assisted care facility;
  • A medical information platform, to consolidate patient information and make it available at the point of service, to facilitate multi-disciplinary clinical teams with diagnostics and decision making.



Samaritan continues to expand its key property, consulting, operating and financial partners as it moves closer to implementation:

Financial Advisory and Capital Raising Partners

Consulting and Operation Management Partners

Construction and Development Partners

Interested to get involved?

We’re here to speak to potential partners and investors.